3D Floorplans
3d floorplans

Fully Furnished 3D Floor Plans to your exact specification
3D Floorplans are the ideal way to show the internal layout of a new or existing property, providing a clear, compelling aerial view into each floor. Our 3D Floor Plans are fully furnished to match your specification, and are created using your architectural drawings, so they are correct in every detail. If you're marketing new property, 3D Floor Plans will enable everyone to understand the space at a glance, bringing the space to life, even before it has been built.

     Our 3D Floor Plans are Fully Furnished and Correct in Every Detail

Using your 2-dimensional CAD floor plans as reference, we construct a virtual 3D model of the internal layout of the property, to provide a "lid off" view into the home. 3D floorplans are the ideal way to show off the internal space, and are far more compelling than traditional flat plans.


Our 3D floor plans are fully furnished with stylish, contemporary furniture from our extensive furniture library. We can also create bespoke items of furniture and equipment whenever required, making 3D floor plans an ideal solution for commercial, retail, institutional and residential properties.

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Potential buyers and other interested parties will be able to imagine themselves in the space, and understand the entire layout clearly. Ideal for use in property sales brochures, estate agents details, property websites and other visual marketing materials, 3D floorplans show the layout of any interior at a glance, and bring spaces to life in virtual reality.

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     3D Floorplans for Retail, Institutional, Leisure and Commercial Buildings

3D floorplans are the perfect way to give viewers a complete understanding of the interior layout of a commercial or retail development, showing all the internal facilities and providing people with a clear overview of the layout of the space. We can furnish our 3Dfloorplans with bespoke machinery and equipment if required, or use standard furniture items from our extensive 3D model library. 3D floor plans can also be incorporated into websites and navigation systems, as a powerful visual aid to visitors and other interested parties.

     A Note on 3D Floor Plans

3D Floor Plans are sometimes referred to as 'lidoffs' because they show new properties with the lid off. 3D floorplans are also occasionally called 3D cut-throughs, 3D sections, floorplan illustrations, 3D layouts and model home plans. If you're confused, call us for more information!

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